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If I had been richer, braver, and married to a mechanic perhaps I would have gotten a Porsche 911.

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18Feb99: Day 1: Picked up car in Mt View. $1850. Possibly the most desirable GSL-SE- a federal model with no power steering. Came with cut springs and sub-sized but nearly new Sumitomo HTR tires.

Days 2-4: Busy but got some joy riding in. Fun to drive, good power, motor runs very strong still. Cut springs don't work so well. Clutch and brakes are very good.

Day 5: Took it to my normal mech today to get safety/maintenance items done. Idler arms look good, surprisingly.

23Feb99: Inspection, thermostat/gasket replaced, lube/oil/filter 20-50, new drain plug gasket, synthentic LSD oil, 2 rear lugs replaced, coolant flush, fuel filter replaced (was wrong kind), steering box adjusted (still not great). Runs smoother/stronger, temp now correct. $277.

Ordered Porterfield R-4S front pads ($75), eibach pro kit springs ($205) via eddie.

1Mar99: Ordered tokico struts/shocks ($190). removed air conditioner belt. When summer comes I may put it back on and see if it works, otherwise I will remove the system. looking for rims.

3Mar99: Picked up springs, struts, shocks, pads today. Goes to art's tomorrow for installation and alignment. Strut tower bolt broke with no torque, replaced ($45 part), total $430.

7Mar99: Much better with new suspension and brake pads. Steering much better with adjustment and alignment. Car a little higher in front, quite a bit higher in back, 1" drop from stock all around. Doesn't scrape getting out of the driveway anymore. Bedded in pads- awesome braking power now.

8Mar99: Ordered Borbet Type C 15x7 rims ($99) with Kumho Victoracer V700 205/50R15 race tires ($110) from tire rack, total $889 mounted, balanced, delivered. 14 year old Oem rims would have been only a little cheaper with the package discount.

10Mar99: Wheels and tires arrived just 26 hours after I ordered them! Weighed one on the UPS scale- 39.8 lbs.

11Mar99: Going to heat cycle the race tires tomorrow- 100 miles of highway driving followed by at least 48 hours of rest. This improves grip and increases tread life.

15Mar99: Discovered last friday that the kumhos rub a bit. TireRack is researching to see if I can use a 5mm spacer.

Here are four shots of the engine compartment:

19Mar99: Spacer gives me 4mm clearance. Hope it's enough. Rained Friday so didn't heat cycle the tires.

21Mar99: Autocross Sunday was entertaining. Very fun to drive- skating around on the 260 treadwear sub-stock-sized tires. Tried to follow Mike's advice. Dropped car off at RotorSport in Campbell.

22Mar99: $150 for a 77K GSL-SE LSD total with installation and 6 month warranty: $368. Fuel leak onto manifold discovered. Transmission is not original- from 81/82.

26Mar99: Picked up the car from Rotorsport. Rebuilt the axle and axle bearings: new axle collars, axle brgs, axle seals, used SE diff, gear oil. parts: $292.90+$266 labor. Repaired fuel leak under maniford (injector o-rings). new injector o-rings, injector grommets, injector seals, 2 BAC hose. Parts: $67.85, labor $140. grand total with tax: $798.51. There was some wetness around the clutch master cylinder. Hope that's all for now. Planning to heat cycle tires today, autocross Sunday. Paul said to use only 87 octane, 3/16 inch minimum clearance for tires, need to set choke with gas pedal before starting.

Heated cycled the tires. Tested air conditioning- blows about 40 deg- so I will leave it for now.

28Mar99: Raced at 3COM Park today. Read about on the Autocross 1999 Page.

21Apr99: Racing 5 weekends in a row. Ordered the Ground Control adjustable front sway bar from Eddie. ($139) Hopefully this will reduce strong understeer- unusual for a 7.

3May99: Drove down to Howell's place Sunday after picking up 6 replacement studs for the rear wheels. We kept stripping them at the autocrosses. Didn't have time to pick up front bar. The next four can be clicked for the full size pic (about 200K each).

Got the car up on the jack stands. The jack just barely got the car high enough to get the jack stands under.
Once we got the caliper off, we had to pound the studs back through the seat. I screwed one of the old lug nuts onto the stud and hammered away. At Howell's new condo it made quite a racket! Funny, all the other other people had brand new cars and no one else was even remotely close to banging on some old beater in their driveway...

The one stud we stripped racing at Stockton I had to hammer directly on.

It was a little harder to get the driver's side pads back in place. The caliper piston had come out a little, and we couldn't get a C-clamp on it to compress it a little.

We also loosened the front shock tower bolts and disconnected the tension rods to rotate the shock tower for more negative camber and caster. Getting it back together required putting the jack under the suspension arm to raise it enough to rebolt the tension arm.

We tightened some lug nuts onto the new studs to seat them before replacing the wheels.
Driving across the Bay Bridge at sunset in "rx7 heaven". (hahaha)

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18Jun99: Got my new stainless steel exhaust installed. I needed to take the header pipe to a special metal wizard to get a piece cut out because the header shape was different.

Sep99: Ripped out most of the rest of the interior, stereo, headliner, carpet, console, trim.

The duct tape is very trick... :P
Am I going faster yet?

Oct99: Bought a battery trickle charger ($14.99) to charge battery as howell insisted not charge the battery since we last drove it.

10Oct99: Replaced the alternator belt ($5.99). Put the GM LSD additive ($6) into the diff and toppped up with oil ($6). Bought timing light ($34.99) and advanced timing somewhat randomly. Howell and Julie took it out to the freeway for a test drive. Got the thumbs up from a pair of 510's returning from Sear's Point while Howell was downshifitng at 6K.

Oct99: retimed the advance. 2.5 degrees currently.

Nov99: mounted two of the new kumhos

26Feb00: Replaced clutch slave cylinder per paul's (rotorsport) advice. $32 plus $2 brake fluid. Bleed the old fluid out of the clutch reservoir. Put on two new kumhos. Mike loaned us his bleeding kit which was invaluable.

February 1999

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