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SCCA Round 1, 5 March 2000 3COM Park

Threat of rain, but gradually dried off through the day. Ran 5th run group.

Rode in a C5 vette and a VR4 twin turbo AWD. Met Prober Mike from Placerville, saw Stuart and Dan. Eddie was around for a while, and Ben raced his 4-door M3. Met a new guy, Jack, with a body kit 82 rx7.

Lots of fun!

SCCA Practice Event 30 January 2000 3COM Park

The dawn came in a deluge of rain and wind. Racing-crazed men and women in completely inadequate rain gear struggled through the puddles of 3COM to walk the course. I gave up about half way through and stood in the shelter of the trailer.

The street tires are all but useless, so my decision to leave them on was mostly because i couldn't imagine trying to change tires in the early morning gale.

Fortunately it stopped raining for my work assignment in group 2. The weather started to look more dry so I hurriedly changed to the kumhos- putting the just-about-to-cord ones on the front and the nearly full tread ones on the back. Paul from BAPOC was very helpful.

The first runs were quite wet still, but it was a blast four wheel drifting. I felt my car control was much improved, but as the track dried, some parts of the track got grippier and some were coated with a muddly, oily film that was impressively slippery. despite trying to go VERY slow in those parts, getting a little off the line meant instant spin. i had a 71 second run that included a full spin!

However the car felt fantastic- sliding into decreasing radius turns, 4 wheel drifting out of a turn, quick transitions. What a great car for racing!

Howell stayed to run fun runs and gave Paul a few rides, including a very quick 65.7.

I had 4 runs, howell did 5 (includes a re-run) and also 3 fun runs, about 65-70 second runs in a wet and then partly dry track at 3COM, total of 12 runs.

February 2000

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