NASA Pro-7 Series

Spec series utilizing 1979-1985 RX7 12A cars. Televised events.



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A dead stock 12A, carburated, smog legal can get about 120 horsepower. A naturally aspirated street port Mazda 13B rotary can get around 200 HP.

Mazda RX7 no start discharged battery

1979-85 Mazda RX7

Symptoms: The battery is continually discharged, which leads to a "No Start" condition.

Probable Cause: 79-85 Mazda RX7's may suffer from a variety of charging and starting problems due to a unique "mid-cable" ground connection. The battery ground cable is grounded at a chassis bolt on the left lower strut tower, before it continues on. If this connection gets corroded, a number of starting and charging problems are likely to occur.

Corrective Action: A voltage drop greater then .2 volts between the (-) negative battery terminal and the engine ground at the (_) negative battery cable, is an indication that the cable should be replaced.

MazdaTrix page is located at Australian Stats

There's some pics of the RX7 SP on this link; Its under the picture gallery section, while you're there check out the ARI pages There's a few Australian rotary web sites. Some are: http://hotel.uws.EDU.AU:80/HEART/home/kane/kane.html (Incidentally I think the owners of all these are on RX7 club)

The 'fastest rotary' is at: and is a 13B street port turbo with nitrous in an RX3 (Not RX4) It runs 9.78@143 mph.

1st Gen Rx-7 cd stats: 1st and 2nd Gen Rx-7

cd stats:

Based on these articles, it also seems that there were some aerodynamic improvements made to the 1st Gen in 1981 (%6 improvement to the original .36cd => .3384cd