Future Probe Summits

Future Summits
BaPOC member activites - Solo II/ NASA
Summit ideas

See the BAPOC forum on www.probetalk.com!!!

Finished! Pismo Beach 27 August 2000

BAPOC/SAPOC/SCPOC Summit Sat 14 June 2000 Stinson Beach

Read about it here!!!!


Summit #15 - BAPOC Potluck BBQ Picnic - Sunday July 16, 2000

On Sunday July 16, 2000 BAPOC Summit #15 will be a Potluck BBQ held at Tilden Regional Park in the East Bay. This park is just east of Berkeley on Hwy 24 in the East Bay Hills. I have reserved a picnic area in our name for the entire day.

Tilden Regional Park - Our reserved site is called Big Leaf and it is on the northern end of the park. Below are the links to maps and driving directions from all parts of the Bay Area.

Map of Tilden Regional Park for after you get off of Hwy 24: : http://www.angelfire.com/rock/majikk/bapoc/tilden.html

Link to Tilden Regional Park Home Page: http://www.ebparks.org/parks/tilden.htm

Lunch will be between 11:30am and 12:30am, but you can arrive earlier if you want to. I will be there at 10am as required by the park ranger. If everyone is interested then we will have a drive in the afternoon for a couple of hours.

I have drawn up a list of the items to bring to the Potluck. This list will change day to day and thus I have included a link to where you can see the list as it is updated. I will also send out a copy of the list once a week through the mailing list.

BAPOC BBQ Sign up list: . Signup sheet link: http://www.angelfire.com/rock/majikk/bapoc/signup.html

BYOB - IF you want to have alcohol then you will have to bring it yourself. You are allowed to have Beer and Wine in the park, but I am not taking responsibility for any DUI's. Absolutely no hard liquor in the park.


Sean Mahanay
'97 Silver PGT

Done! Summit #14 - Joint BAPOC/SCPOC at the Roadster Show 8 Jan 2000

See the writeup on the Summit 14 Roadster Show Page.

Summit #13 Malibu Racing (Kind of a washout- lets skip 13 then... )

Summit #12 Thunderhill Raceway II Summer 1999 Sat 31 July 1999

Thunderhill Raceway Sat 31 July 1999. 4+ hours track time!

See the Summit #12 Thunderhill Raceway II Summer 1999 page

Summit # xx - Car Shows near Monterey, CA

Updated 12May99 (Many thanks to Martin for stepping up and organizing this!)

WHAT: Various car shows/exhibits, auctions and races

WHERE: Monterey, CA

WHEN: August 26-29. Either the whole weekend if you can find a hotel or pick a date.

RSVP: Please contact martin_hendess@us.yr.com by June 1 if you may be interested in going (and please specify your preferred date) or if you have any questions.

THE DETAILS: Each venue has separate admission charges and we should pick a day to go. If we get enough people on that day we can get our Probes parked in special exhibit lots with the other car clubs for viewing. More information on these events is coming and will be posted as we get it.

1. Blackhawk Classic Car Exposition. Pebble Beach. August 26-29. Free.

2. Monterey Sports/Classic Car Auction. Monterey. August 27-29. Admission TBD (BAPOC may get special pricing).

3. Brooks Monterey Auction. Carmel. August 28th. Admission/Special parking TBD.

4. Christie's Auction of Exceptional Motor Cars. Pebble Beach. August 29. $40 for 2 passes.

5. Concorso Italiano. Carmel. August 27. General admission to this car show/exhibit is $45. For $75/car we could get special club parking, including 2 admission passes.

6. Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Pebble Beach. August 29. This car show is $50 per admission.

7. Monterey Historic Automobile Races. Laguna Seca. August 27-29. Special parking for the club at $40 per car (includes admission into the race for that day). Need at least 35 cars.

Finished! Summit #10 - Alameda County Sheriff Dublin EVOC - Sunday 7 February 1999

WHAT: Advanced Civilian Driving Course given by the Alameda Country Sheriff's training center.

WHEN: Arrive by 7:30 AM, Sunday 7 February 1999. Rain or shine.

WHERE: Alameda Country Sheriff's EVOC Facility, Dublin, CA. Directions to follow.

COST: Bring $150 cash or check, no credit cards accepted.

Summit #?? Summer 1999 Joint BAPOC/SCPOC summit

Here are some ideas. 17Nov98

Interested: TT, HL, JC, CA, DM, HC, JK, MM, DS, S, Bi, MH, MD, HC, CJ

Summit #--, October 1998, PGT Star Party

This has turned into the Leonid Meteor Shower, and now the Leonid Rain Shower. 17Nov98

There's been a lot of interest in a PGT/Astronomy meet. Fremont Peak is one possibility. I have a excellent 12.5" telescope and my girlfriend teaches astronomy and has other contacts. I also know a good site near Lake Berryessa where it is easy to camp.5Aug98

Finished -> Summit #8: Probe Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway- July 25th 1998

A huge success, read about on the Thunderhill Track Day Page.

BaPOC member activities

See the Thornbush Farms RX7 Page for racing details after Mar 99.

Carlisle All Ford Nationals June 98

Huge Eastern Probe Summit at the Carlisle All Ford Nationals Carlise, PA, June 1998. Read about it at http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Garage/2055/allford.htm

Some summit ideas

Idea #1: Find a group of local Integra GS-R owners and challenge them to a friendly showdown at an autocross event.

Idea #2: Drive to top of Mt. Tam or Mt. Diablo.

Idea #3: Attend a car show, classic or modern.

Idea #4: 30+ Probes show up at a Honda dealer to drool over the newest Civic and the tinting/lowering potential of the car.

If you have ideas for a summit and are tired of waiting for us to get around to planning one, please email them to James (Black94PGT@aol.com)

March 1998

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