Eddie's Engine Project

*** Update Jun98 *** Eddie's Probe is no more! It was wrecked and totaled in April 98. Engine for sale!

Eddie has purchased a used 2.5V6 block to completely tear down and rebuild as his new engine. Lots of pictures from the project will be posted here, as well as more descriptions. Some plans in the works are so radical I have been asked to keep them secret for now!

12Mar98 - More pics, still no time for thumbnails

10Mar98 - about half the pics taken at eddie's garage. Sorry no thumbnails yet- next week or two.

Click the thumbnails for big pics...


The bottom end intact. Dome of the pistons is shown. Lotsa carbon again and all that other crud. Definitely don't want the knock sensor to go bad on your car. All this work to get to the knock sensor. (It's the wire that is between the banks.) 


The headstuds off the 2.5L V6. Will be replaced with ARPs.


Picture of the cylinder head flipped over. Valves exposed. 


Cylinder heads off the block...and stripped of cams, rocker arms, and HLAs



What should we do to these?...


Front bankFront bank

Top picture is of the front of the engine with the valve covers removed. Bottom picture is of the rear bank with a close up shot of the cams and other oily stuff. 


Rear bankRear bank

The back of the engine that a lot of people have never seen.  


Ihe mouth of the intake manifold with the throttle body removed. First notice the carbon residue on this engine that only had 18K miles. Imagine your car with 60K and no carbon cleaning service. But the picture shows the VRIS solenoids and plates blocking the inlet of the intake. It opens and closes at certain rpms. 

Underdrive pulleyUnderdrive Pulley

The drive belt side of the engine with the timing belt cover ripped off. The right side of the picture is the Unorthodox UDP matched up against the stock pulley. 


Intake runnersIntake Runners

You can see the outlets of the intake runners. There is a small port at each outlet for the nozzle of the injectors. The intake manifold flipped upside down. so you can see the outlet of the intake and also the squirters.

February 1998

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