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We are dedicated to having fun get-together summits where we can meet other Probe owners. Often we are interested in mods or racing, but we also schedule peaceful BBQs for the less adventurous members. There are members of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. Check out our Past Probe Summits for an idea of the great fun we've had!

BAPOC got started in 1996 when Tammy and Eddie met at an import drag. Since our first official summit in early 1997 with 13 cars, we have grown to over 60 members on the mailing list.

There are no dues, and the atmosphere has always been friendly and fun.

Although we are mostly 2nd gen 5sp GTs, Probes of any year and model are welcome. The Mazda MX-6 is also ok.

Website Accolades

I would just like to say that this is the best site I have found regarding Ford Probes! I love the job you have done on creating it! -GW

Great web site for the probe GT -DC

Congratulations on your terrific website! -PW

Great site, lots of good info. -DJ

I must say I love the site that you've put together. - FZ

I've just been going over your website and it looks great! -BS

I have to tell you that I am amazed at the interest your site generates. I have a car and a motorcycle advertised on other sites and I don't get half the interest. -JC

I was looking at the new stuff on the BAPOC site... nice stuff. A duly great web page of resources. -BB

A letter from Eddie about BaPOC

The reason BaPOC (Bay Area Probe Owners Club) was the name that was choosen, was because we wanted a "non-racer" name. BAPOC isnt a race crew nor is it race team.

To quote James, "......We are an informal group of Ford Probe owners living in or near the San Francisco Bay Area in California. About every other month we get together for a Probe Summit where we meet to chat, BBQ, or race......"

BaPOC wasnt created to hit up all the Import Drag events or autoX circuits. I didnt base BaPOC after import race crews like Redline Racing or Wicked or any of that. I actually wanted BaPOC to be in the catagory of the United Five-Ten Owners Club (UFO), the Bay Area RX7 Club, or even the Fiero Owners Club.

BaPOC was created to try to take into account the interests of everyone. First and foremost, the mailing list and summits were to handle any mechanical problems or questions that one of us had. Its good, free, knowledgable feedback from a fellow Probe owner. Secondly, we noticed that some people in BaPOC had an interest in autoXing or other forms of racing. We geared some of our Summits towards that. But we also understood that not all BAPOC members enjoyed the race scene. thats why its all a fine balancing act.

For all the BaPOC members that enjoy drag racing, autoXing, or road racing, I'm happy for you, just drive safe! BUT, remember that BaPOC isnt just that. Its a useful resource for Probe Owners from every direction and all paths of life. That is why I think the Bay Area Probe Owners Club is a name that fits all 60+ of us.

For the question about why we dont have more Summits. Just realize its hard to arrange everyones schedueles and to not have a lot of conflicts. Summits that have just 3-4 Probes show up isnt very beneficial in my book. Thats why I enjoy a well planned LARGE Summit every 2-3 months (thanks ben for Thunderhill), and a few informal Summits, like whats been happening at the autoX tracks. Summits are hard to organize but we do our best.


PS: hehee, if BaPOC was such an awful name, why has TXPOC, MDPOC, etc... names been poping up all over the country? they been following what BaPOC has accomplished. =)

June 1998

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