Factory Five Racing Cobra #1630


Engine 1991 Ford 302 EFI, 1999 honing, new main bearings, rings
AFR 165 58cc aluminum heads Picture - Picture
FMS SVO 1.72 roller rockers Picture
Cobra upper and lower intake Picture - Picture
Cobra valve covers Picture
24lb injectors
65mm BBK throttle body
73mm Vortech MAF
FMS 9mm plug wires (poor quality)
Mac equal length shorty headers
ASP crank and water pump underdrive pullies
190 LPH BBK fuel pump
Ford Mini starter (now can start when hot)
Frame 4" round tube frame cold rolled 1020 steel
IRS retrofit (July01) Pictures
Curved trunk mod, Picture
Transmission 5 speed manual, Borg Warner T5
McLeod Stage II, was Ford Motorsport heavy duty clutch
9lb aluminum flywheel
Hurst short shifter
8.8" rear
Aluminum differential housing with Torsen T2 limited slip and VPM aluminum differential bushings
3.27 gears
Forte clutch quadrant, modified
Suspension 4 Wheel Independent, 5 Lug

    Double A-arm (upper FFR competition adjustable arms)- custom mounting brackets to lower SAI, lower anti-dive, and lower roll center, TriStates production SAI adapter, monoball adapters for adjustable roll center.

    Custom modified FFR lower tubular arms, adjust camber wihout dismounting, 1/2 lb lighter than stock tubular arms Picture

    750 lb springs
    SN95 spindles with Weendoggy's tapered inserts.
    Koni Model 3012 custom double adjustable monotube aluminum race shocks (at 23.5K)
    1.25" 0.125" wall Speedway Engineering anti-roll bar, custom install, Picture
    -2.5 degrees camber
    5.0 degrees caster
    1/8" toe out (3/8" toe-out before ackermann change)


    FFR independent suspension retrofit at 20K (lower H-Arm plus upper)
    Custom modified rear spindle with spherical bearings (Alison Hine)
    900 lb springs
    Koni Model 3012 custom double adjustable monotube aluminum race shocks (at 23.5K)
    VPM IRS narrow anti-roll bar
    -2.0 degrees camber
    <1/8" toe-in

    IRS Retrofit (Jun01)

Steering AGR Quick ratio (12.5:1) powered rack and high performance matching pump(Nov00)
Rack moved rearward about 2", now clamped to x-member Pictures and Writeup
Steering rack limiters
Flaming River rag joint eliminator
Breeze offset aluminum steering rack bushings
Brakes 4 Wheel Disk, CNC Dual master, Wilwood Proportioning Valve to rear
Front: PBR dual piston aluminum calipers (Apr05) -was 91 Mustang, Porterfield R4-S pads(Sep00)
Rear: 91 Supercoupe, CarboTech Panther pads (Jul01)

4-cylinder brake pedal for reduced effort
Tab welded to foot box frame to prevent pedal flip-up (also chain between pedal and frame)

Interior Adjustable driver's seat
Soft Top (leather) with side curtains
Wind Wings/Visors

Autocross: Compomotive HB 17x9 and 17x11 rims
Hoosier A6
Previously: Kumho Ecsta V710 275/40/17 front and 315/35/17 rear
pre-2002: Kumho VictoRacer V700 245/45ZR17 and 275/40ZR17 (21 psi front, 23 psi rear)

Street: Compomotive HB 17x9 and 17x10 rims
Kumho Ecsta V700 275/40/17 front and 275/40/17 rear

sold- Street: Crager Street Star 15x8 and 15x10 rims
BF Goodrich Radial T/A 225/60SR15 and 275/50SR15 (25-27 psi front and rear)