FFR Cobra

Early history

February to March 1999 Ariel Ayubo performs one of the most unusual FFR builds ever: lacking a garage or even a carport he builds FFR 1630 IN THE SHIPPING CRATE. By removing a side or end from the crate, he was able to almost completely finish the car and didn't take the crate apart until the motor was installed- earning him the name: "The Man in the Box". I think David Borden coins this term in his forum post of 26 March 1999:

    Topic: The Man in a Box!

    Hey all.. I was just wondering how the gentleman Ariel who was building his FFR in the crate outside his appt.(I think) is doing?

    I seemed like such a facinating story...

    Talk about pursuing your dream and not letting anything get in your way.

    If its still being built in the box... Lets talk him into bringing it to knots. Tbe box with the kit in it... and put a big sign on it... The FFR built in a box :-)

    What a story :-)


March 1999 Just a couple of days after finishing the car, Ariel has a sudden need to get to New York from Los Angeles. The shakedown trip for this car was a 3,500 mile, 3 day sprint via the longer southern route to the East Coast. That early in the spring, Route 80 is not always passable through the mountains. He later told me he could have made it in 2 days if the rain hadn't blinded him at night (no wipers) and he had to stop to take refuge under overpasses.
April 1999 Ariel makes the a longer trip back across through Chicago and Yellowstone. He tells me it was no fun sitting in traffic in the freezing rain in Chicago with no top.
January 2000 I get "snake bit" at a car show and the very next day surfs up this picture and ad for my future car (taken before the stripes were painted).

I fly from Berkeley to Los Angeles to look at the car.  Coincidently another Northern California buyer leaves the same day by car to look at FFR 1630.  He arrives a few hours before me with the intention to buy FFR 1630,  but couldn't find Ariel's home, and purchases another unusual car from Mike Senior: the One Day Build car. 

February 2000 7 February I drive the car home from LA.  It then rains for 8 days straight and I can't drive it.
March 2000 FFR 1630 first autocrossed. 
April 2000 FFR 1630 gets race tires and new Compomotive wheels.  Car driven at Laguna Seca for sound testing for the upcoming FFR Challenge Spec Series.
Fall 2000 Car scores its first class win in OSP, also becomes the 2000 OSP Slush Season Champion.  Power Steering installed.
July 2001 Retrofitted car to IRS, fabricated custom sway bars.  Just missed trophying in the Championship summer season.
Fall 2001 2nd place SCCA OSP Slush Season, Sherry becomes Champion in OSPL
February 2002 Installed AFR heads, Cobra intake, etc. to boost power to approximately 350HP.
August 2002 Became perhaps the first street legal car to win an OSP Championship Season Championship in a very close points race over 18 events.  Also co-driver takes the 4th Place trophy.
November 2002 First Fastest Time of Day at an SCCA autocross.  Won Best Daily Driver at FFROGFEST West 2002, FTD on autocross
April 2003 Fastest Time of Day and #1 PAX at SCCA autocross (excepting the jr kart pax).  Installed Koni 3012 double adjustable monotube race shocks.
May 2003 Class win at SCCA National Tour two day event.  Only street driven car in class?

See the Specifications Page for more details.